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Emerging talents: TShirterie

20 Feb

In the previous post I’ve introduced you to the fabulous creations of Hyden Yoo but today I’d like you to meet TShirterie, Italian brand founded in 2011 by Rosita Spugnardi and Antonio Neroni who have both studied Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Inspired by the music of the XX, Baustelle and Sigur Ros, their t-shirts are 100% made in Italy.
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Emerging talents: Hyden Yoo

18 Feb

I’ve loved Hyden Yoo ever since I bumped into his creations on the Web, that’s why I decided to dedicate a post to him. I’ve read a few things about him and now I’ve come to believe that his story is quite peculiar.

When he first started, he didn’t have a fashion/design background at all; he just learnt the basics along the way and he’s now an emerging talent in the fashion industry. Of course Hyden’s path hasn’t been that smooth and easy: years of sketching the perfect shirt, inspired by his ex colleagues who wore the same ill-fitting piece for both working and clubbing. With the support of his dearest friends, who helped him out financially speaking, his first creation, the perfect Oxford-inspired shirt, came out and was widely appreciated.

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Revolutionary roads: the Web

7 Feb

Two posts are not enough to get to know a person, keep that in mind. I’m not a conventional fashion blogger; at least, this is not my intention. In my previous post I’ve mentioned the fact that I’m not going to be one of those bloggers who show the readers what they’ve bought and what they wore for a specific event. I love those kind of blogs, I enjoy reading them everyday, but it’s simply not possible for me: no time to take pictures on a daily basis; plus I’m not exactly a model, therefore it would be pretty embarassing showing pictures of me, looking like a piece of stone in the middle of the street or in my bathroom (no way!).

So, my plan is to keep doing what I like the most: writing about fashion. I really enjoy getting to know brands, both allegedly famous and not yet discovered by the mass. I also like to study phenomena that can be led back to society, habits and cultures. Like e-commerce, for instance.
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5 Feb

I’m not a compulsive shopper. I don’t mean to be judgemental, don’t get me wrong: I love browsing fashion blogs, especially those that show off new purchases and trendy gifts from brands.

But since I don’t live on blogging (and we all know how work can be exhausting), I find it hard to afford extremely expensive items, even though I would just die for them. I dream of shoes and bags in the first place, but also freakishly unique pieces like Comme des Garçons shirts, Balmain jackets, Yves Saint Laurent heels and so on.
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Zero on.

1 Feb

Why is it so damn hard to write the first post?

It’s so weird! There is so much to talk about in the first place, that’s why I started this blog…

Anyway, this will not be a stream-of-consciousness-kind-of-blog.

I like facts, I like ideas, I like opinions, polls and discussions. I enjoy events, people, places. I’m very much into sharing, talking, collaborating.

I love writing, that’s what I do most of the time. And that’s what I’ll keep doing, hopefully, with this blog.


Have a glam day!

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