Emerging talents: Hyden Yoo

18 Feb

I’ve loved Hyden Yoo ever since I bumped into his creations on the Web, that’s why I decided to dedicate a post to him. I’ve read a few things about him and now I’ve come to believe that his story is quite peculiar.

When he first started, he didn’t have a fashion/design background at all; he just learnt the basics along the way and he’s now an emerging talent in the fashion industry. Of course Hyden’s path hasn’t been that smooth and easy: years of sketching the perfect shirt, inspired by his ex colleagues who wore the same ill-fitting piece for both working and clubbing. With the support of his dearest friends, who helped him out financially speaking, his first creation, the perfect Oxford-inspired shirt, came out and was widely appreciated.

His pieces are generally affordable and easy to wear, although some of them look just unique and fashion-forward. Hyden is now known best for his fitted dress shirts, knitwear, outerwear and khaki pants. With his competitive nature and confident attitude, he’s already affirmed he “wants to be the best and will keep working until then”. Check out some of his masterpieces.

Okay, these are some photos of the Spring Summer 2012 collection. It’s so rétro, in a way… Don’t you think..? Here we go with some pictures of the Fall Winter 2012-2013 collection, which I find more serious and elegant.

I especially like the complexity and structure of the purple dress, the linearity of the grey one and the varsity of the patterned trousers with the white top. Stunning.

2 Responses to “Emerging talents: Hyden Yoo”

  1. FashionBlends February 25, 2012 at 12:45 AM #

    That is an awesome collection. Thanks for introducing him to all of us


  2. glamday February 28, 2012 at 9:33 AM #

    Yep, he is talented! 😉 Nice to hear that you liked it! I’ll definitely keep posting new talents’ collections…

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