Wedge sneakers: friends or foes?

30 Jul

I know the trend has widely spread and is quite possibly almost over (therefore too late to talk about it), but when I first saw wedge sneakers popping out and about, I thought it was simply a BAD idea.

I love sneakers, I love wedges and heels. But the hybrid creature in between… Well, not really!

Why would I want to wear something that made my feet look abnormally big? No, I wasn’t into those “monsters”. And I would secretly mock everyone who wore those shoes, starting from some very notable “colleague” of mine who I caught wearing Marc Jacobs multicolor monstrosities. Here some interesting (and interested) cases:


Isabel Marant



Marc Jacobs



Steve Madden




See by Chloe



In this very moment, though, I would very much like to try them on and, why not, buy a pair. Why is that?! What’s happening to me?! Nothing, I’m persuaded to believe; it’s curiosity, plus being exposed to the current at issue. This is the unexpected power of fashion: you never know for sure what you’ll like and for how long. Amazing.

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