Idols: #1

20 Aug

Oh yes, finally! I was not particularly surprised (eventually it would happen) but extremely excited (it happened… NOW) when I found out that my favorite blogger ever, Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) is on the September issue of ASOS Mag (ASOS can be one of the best things in one’s life, in my view, and it definitely plays an important role in mine)!

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Tricky, tricky WAB!

11 Aug

It’s funny how we wait for months and months for spring and summer to come and then all we want to do is buy fall/winter clothing, huh? Well, at least, this is how it usually works for me.

End of July: hopefully hot weather, beautiful long days, holidays yet to come (Barcelona and then Crete) but I’m restraining myself from buying anything (I admit I’ve already bought a pair of wedge ankle boots on ASOS but c’mon! It’s ASOS after all! And it was on sale… Plus, I’ve been looking forward to buying that pair, I deserved it, I needed it! ) that can be connected to the upcoming season.

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Wedge sneakers: friends or foes?

30 Jul

I know the trend has widely spread and is quite possibly almost over (therefore too late to talk about it), but when I first saw wedge sneakers popping out and about, I thought it was simply a BAD idea.

I love sneakers, I love wedges and heels. But the hybrid creature in between… Well, not really!

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Emerging talents: Perret Schaad

14 Jul

What I like the most is reading about new talented people in the fashion world, especially young designers who stand out from the crowd with their innovative ideas and their stunning creations. Sometimes I even fantasize about wearing them at work, colleagues (most of them hideous, really!) looking at me while I’m going downstairs for a coffee, thinking that the skirt I’m wearing is simply incredible (quite possibly by the brand I’m about to talk to you about) but prefering to cut their legs and arms rather than telling it to my face…
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Back online.

10 Jul

Sorry for not being active for a little while (it’s been months, actually), but I was preparing for graduation and I lacked inspiration and will to write.

Now that I work in the fashion industry (clap clap to me!) I feel like I can finally dedicate myself entirely to what I like the most: fashion, with a focus on product. I find it so fascinating to come into contact with a piece of clothing or an accessory, with a study behind it and a particular process to enhance it.
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Emerging talents: TShirterie

20 Feb

In the previous post I’ve introduced you to the fabulous creations of Hyden Yoo but today I’d like you to meet TShirterie, Italian brand founded in 2011 by Rosita Spugnardi and Antonio Neroni who have both studied Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Inspired by the music of the XX, Baustelle and Sigur Ros, their t-shirts are 100% made in Italy.
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Emerging talents: Hyden Yoo

18 Feb

I’ve loved Hyden Yoo ever since I bumped into his creations on the Web, that’s why I decided to dedicate a post to him. I’ve read a few things about him and now I’ve come to believe that his story is quite peculiar.

When he first started, he didn’t have a fashion/design background at all; he just learnt the basics along the way and he’s now an emerging talent in the fashion industry. Of course Hyden’s path hasn’t been that smooth and easy: years of sketching the perfect shirt, inspired by his ex colleagues who wore the same ill-fitting piece for both working and clubbing. With the support of his dearest friends, who helped him out financially speaking, his first creation, the perfect Oxford-inspired shirt, came out and was widely appreciated.

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